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Since 2015 we are a Europe wide imagination network: developers, media expert, designers, programmers and visionary thinkers. We are Phollidee, come with us to imagine what's next for you.

Best solutions in the world of Programmatic Advertising and Digital Marketing: video, display, native, direct messaging. Through our partners top class solutions we can gather, analyse and activate strategic data from both digital and physical behaviors of known and unknown users.

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Analysis and mapping of business processes and user needs, analysis of integration needs of digital tools and connected business processes. Definition of operational and knowledge based requirements, concept and project guidelines.

Interaction design for Web Applications: data model, workflows, page types. Information architecture for Web Sites: content structure, navigation patterns, page types. Multi-device user interface design and related visual identity. Usability testing. Software architecture and specifications.


Modular layout systems (grids and page components): HTML/CSS/Js templates. HTML prototypes and documentation. Quality control and support during the implementation

Database architecture: transactional and data warehouse. Middleware, Back-end, System integration. API definition and publishing.


Combining data about people's interests, demographics and where they’ve been allows you to build sophisticated audience profiles that deliver better performing campaigns. Advanced spatial data lets you reach your audience based on their current geographical context and deliver more relevant campaigns for them. Find out what’s working, how it’s working and optimise performance on the go. Learn how your Drive-To-Store campaign is driving Footfall.

We deliver the industry's most sophisticated contextual targeting without sacrificing brand safety or campaign reach. Our technology enables the highest degree of customization, providing signals for the IAB's most recent content taxonomy, major seasonal events and sentiments expressed.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition thanks to our ability to reach the potential user of our clients offering our database of more than 30 million users. With a vast experience in this field, we have developed our own ESP according to our needs, so we have a wide variety of segmentation options and are able to monitor the process, from setting up the campaign to analysing results, and have technical team inhouse that supports us.

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